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July 2, 2010

By Tracy Hager
FOUNTAIN CITY, WI (July 2, 2010) – Day two of the July Fourth weekend events at Mississippi Thunder Speedway brought a field of 40 WISSOTA Late Models to town to collect the $3000 paycheck in the DART WISSOTA Late Model Challenge Series sponsored by Joe Provo Race Wear. The one-caution, 40-lap feature for the DART WISSOTA Late Model Challenge Series feature finished up the night with Brad Waits close to the two-day bonus. But not close enough as Jake Redetzke led flag to flag for the win.

Danny Hanson continued his dominance in the Jailhouse Saloon WISSOTA Street Stocks while Troy Langowski topped the EngineStore.com USRA B-Mods. Bob Timm wheeled his way ahead of Josh Angst in the last lap to take the feature win away from him in the Rivercity Manufacturing USRA Modified feature.


Brad Waits and Jake Redetzke sat atop the front row in the field of WISSOTA Late Models. Redetzke charged to a big lead over Waits, Chad Mahder, and John Kaanta. Multiple rows of three-wide racing through the pack lit up the race as drivers charged for spots early on. Redetzke found his groove early as he tore through the pack followed by Waits. Waits made several attempts to take the lead, but Redetzke appeared too strong. Waits was able to gain some ground on Redetzke as they wove through lap traffic. Mahder continued to hold Kaanta to fourth place while Nick Anvelink and Doug Herrick raced close for fifth place. The only caution with 24 laps down set Redetzke ahead of the closed up field. Relief for Waits and Mahder possibly entered their minds as yellow went back to green. Mahder appeared to gain on Waits slightly with each lap and moved in on Waits as the laps wound down. Redetzke continued to dominate the field however and pulled away from Waits and Mahder. Redetzke was able to lead flag to flag to collect the big check. Waits grabbed another big finish in second after taking the win the previous night at MTS. Although not what he hoped for on the eve of his 25th birthday, Mahder finished an impressive third place. Kaanta and Anvelink sealed the top five.


Ryan Henderson and Fred Prudoehl led the fast-paced WISSOTA Street Stocks for their feature race. As cars packed three wide down the back stretch, the first caution erupted when Kevin Hager was pancaked into the wall and blew apart a rotor. A DNF for Hager, a visit to the tail of the field for Rick Lisowski, and a complete restart was on the books. On the restart, Dan Bork charged at Henderson for the lead from his now second row start after the second row disappeared from the caution. Bork made his move around Henderson while Danny Richards raced side by side with Prudoehl for second place. Princeton’s Cory Rosen was fast and into fourth place as Danny Hanson and Donny Ganz raced for fifth place. Bork held his lead over Rosen and Richards, but it became a seven-car battle for the lead as the cars shuffled around. Bork kept a handle on the lead while Rosen chased him down. Hanson then moved into contention for second place while Richards remained very close in fourth. The second caution reeled the field back in with Bork at the head of the pack followed by Rosen down low and Hanson up high. Richards and Prudoehl followed in fourth and fifth. Bork took off in the lead followed by Rosen when Hanson was shuffled back on the restart. Hanson regained his composure and climbed back to third in no time. Bork, Rosen, and Hanson put a gap between themselves and fourth place now held by Chanda Fjorden Nord. Rosen took the lead from Bork, and then Hanson too passed Bork. Rosen and Hanson ran side by side for the lead while Bork continued to hold a solo spot in third. Lap after lap, Hanson and Rosen ran side by side for the lead. Hanson was the man to make it back-to-back victories. Rosen finished a strong second followed by Bork, Fjorden Nord, and Richards.


Jake Timm headed to a strong lead in the USRA B-Mod feature. Brandon Hare and Troy Langowski ran second and third, but Langowski quickly soared into second. Ben Anderson climbed to third while Erik Kanz and Emory Fretheim raced for fifth place. A caution reset the field with Timm out front followed by Langowski and Anderson. Langowski gained considerable ground on Timm, but Timm held his ground. Timm and Langowski raced side by side for the lead without touching for several laps while Anderson, Kanz, and Troy Hovey hurtled behind them. At lap 12, Langowski finally made the pass on Timm and shortly after caution two realigned the bunch. Langowski was able to get a big lead after the restart which left Timm to deal with Anderson for second place. Anderson managed to wrestle second from Timm, but Timm kept close tabs on the spot. Langowski grabbed another win this season and was followed by Anderson, Timm, Fretheim, and Kanz to round out the top five.


USRA Modified feature action placed Nate Wasmund and Josh Angst in the front row of the 23-car field. Angst took the early lead, but a four-car pile-up between turns one and two set up a complete restart. Angst again took the lead as John Doelle shot to the inside to try for the lead. Bob Timm and Wasmund ran for third and fourth followed by Jay Ihrke and Lance Hofer. Angst held off Doelle as Wasmund pulled away from Timm for a solid third place spot. Timm was left to fight off Ihrke. Doelle flew too high and into the marbles he went which set him back to fifth. Wasmund inherited second place behind Angst as Ihrke gained on Wasmund. Doelle regained some ground and pulled back to fourth ahead of Timm. A caution and another restart later, Ihrke took advantage to get ahead of Wasmund, but Timm had the same idea as Ihrke and Timm raced side by side for second. Timm gained second place and pulled up to Angst as the two pulled away from Ihrke. Timm approached Angst as lap traffic created an obstacle for the pair. With 19 laps of 25 down, Timm made a hard dive under Angst for the lead, but Angst pulled out of the corner still in the lead. A caution with five laps to go set up the finale. Angst led but soon a three-way battle for the lead developed between Angst, Timm, and Ihrke. Angst pulled to a half car length ahead of Timm, but Timm made the last lap pass to take the win from Angst. Ihrke, Wasmund, and Hofer finished out the top five.

Next up at Mississippi Thunder Speedway on Friday, July 9th will be a regular night of racing. All regular classes will run which include the Jailhouse Saloon WISSOTA Street Stocks, the EngineStore.com USRA B-Mods, Winona Auto Sales WISSOTA Super Stocks, Rivercity Manufacturing USRA Modifieds, RedBox+ A and B Mini Mods, Oakridge Fabrication 600 Mini Mods, as well as the return of the Hornets.

July 2nd RESULTS

Dart Challenge Series for WISSOTA Late Models

Feature - Jake Redetzke, Brad Waits, Chad Mahder, John Kaanta, Nick Anvelink, Doug Herrick, Ronnie Rihm, Don Shaw, Cory Mahder, Keith Foss, Ashley Anderson, Joel Cryderman, Eddie Kirchoff, Paul Parker, Lance Matthees, Jake Hartung, Kyle Peterlin, Chris Oertel, Kelly Anderson, Don Copp, John Bey, Adam Hensel, Travis Budisalovich, Eric Breeschoten, Brent Larson
Pole Dash (Top 8 in Heat Race Points and Passing Points) - Waits, Ja. Redetzke, Ch. Mahder, Rihm, Kaanta, Anvelink, Shaw, Herrick
B-Main #1 (Top 3 Finishers Transfer to Feature) - Copp, Budisalovich, Hensel, Kyle Gavel, Eric Pember, Dennis Hillson, Kyle Jumbeck, Don Schaefer, Darryn Waldo, Joe Ludemann, Lucas Peterson
B-Main #2 (Top 3 Finishers Transfer to Feature) - Larson, Oertel, Breeschoten, Steve Laursen, Todd Frank, Jesse Redetzke, John Bey, Jordan Yaggy, Shane Wehrs, Kerry Hansen, Ed Kirchoff
Heat 1 - Waits, Shaw, Matthees, Rihm, Co. Mahder, Gavel, Kirchoff, Schaefer, Je. Redetzke, Peterson
Heat 2 - Kaanta, Foss, A. Anderson, Parker, Hartung, Budisalovich, Hensel, Pember, Jumbeck, Frank
Heat 3 - Ch. Mahder, Cryderman, Eddie Kirchoff, K. Anderson, Larson, Copp, Yaggy, Hansen, Ludemann, Waldo
Heat 4 - Ja. Redetzke, Anvelink, Herrick, Peterlin, Hillson, Breeschoten, Oertel, Bey, Laursen, Wehrs

River City Manufacturing USRA Modifieds

Feature - Bob Timm, Josh Angst, Jay Ihrke, Nate Wasmund, Lance Hofer, Andy Bohnstengel, Chris Gilbertson, Adam Stockhausen, Leroy Scharkey, Ron Konkel, Ryan York, Bryan Hessler, Curt Myers, Brian Albrecht, Phil Wernert, Randy Jonsgaard, John Doelle, Hank Rollinger Jr., Thomas Brink, Tony Vaith, Joel Alberts, Les Jonsgaard, Shaun Wehlage
Heat 1 - Stockhausen, Brink, Wasmund, Hofer, Alberts, Hessler, L. Jonsgaard, Vaith
Heat 2 - Bohnstengel, Timm, Konkel, Doelle, Albrecht, York, R. Jonsgaard, Wehlage
Heat 3 - Angst, Scharkey, Ihrke, Rollinger, Gilbertson, Myers, Wernert

The Engine Store.com USRA B Mods

Feature - Troy Langowski, Ben Anderson, Jake Timm, Troy Hovey, Erik Kanz, Brandon Hare, Emory Fretheim, Chad Kosidowski, Tyler Creeley, Barry Johnson, Jack Baehman, Ed Appel
Heat 1 - Anderson, Langowski, Timm, Kosidowski, Johnson, Hovey
Heat 2 - Hare, Kanz, Creeley, Fretheim, Baehman, Appel

Jailhouse Saloon WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature - Danny Hanson, Cory Rosen, Dan Bork, Chanda Fjorden Nord, Danny Richards, Shaun Mann, James Becker, Donny Ganz, Fred Prudoehl, Rick Lisowski, Ryan Henderson, Dave Smith, Ashley Husby, Lonnie Klonecki, Bill Engler, Jane Keating, Lee Hager, Richard Weir, Kevin Hager
Heat 1 - Ganz, Lisowski, Rosen, Mann, Weir, Engler, Klonecki
Heat 2 - Bork, K. Hager, Henderson, Becker, Keating, Husby
Heat 3 - Richards, Hanson, Prudoehl, L. Hager, Smith, Fjorden Nord

Oak Ridge Fabrication 600 Mods

Feature - Joe Provinzino, Justin Zmyewski, Joe Jasnoch, Dave Fruechte, Don Werner, Jeridiah Welti, Bruce Schmitt, Bill Baures, Charlie McNally, Jeff Matejka
Heat 1 - Provinzino, Schmitt, McNally, Zmyewski, Fruechte, Werner, Jasnoch, Welti, Baures, Matejka

RedBox+ A Mini Mods

Feature - Alex Williamson, Jerome Kellner, Jack Koster, Dylan Buckland, Brady Keefe, Mike Stevens, Alex Stevens, Matthew Schliesman, Tanner Remlinger, Brandon Reutzel, Parker Hale
Heat 1 - M. Stevens, Buckland, Keefe, Reutzel, Hale, A. Stevens
Heat 2 - Kellner, Remlinger, Williamson, Schliesman, Koster

RedBox+ B Mini Mods

Feature - Jackson Hale, Jim Chisholm, Spencer Ihrke, Matthew Stevens, Keagen Einck, Garrett Koster
Heat - Koster, Hale, Chisholm, Stevens, Einck, Ihrke