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July 30, 2010

By Tracy Hager
FOUNTAIN CITY, WI (JuLY 30, 2010) – Winona Radio's KAGE 95.3 teamed up with Budweiser, a team that has been together at the speedway for many years, in presenting a nail-biter night of racing. Three weeks running, WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Series racing action in the WISSOTA Street Stock feature came down to the line for the win. Danny Hanson hit victory lane breaths ahead of Dan Bork.

Bob Fort breezed through victory lane after the WISSOTA Super Stock feature as he headed to his pits to hop in his USRA Modified. Shaun Walski topped the USRA B-Mods for his first win at the speedway this season while Josh Angst topped the USRA Modifieds to add another win to his total.

Last week’s deserving Winona Radio Driver of the Week was Jailhouse Saloon WISSOTA Street Stock driver Shaun Mann. Mann has been pacing himself in the division patiently awaiting that first feature win.


The Jailhouse Saloon WISSOTA Street Stock main event scored a great start with Nick Schwebach of Caledonia and Fred Prudoehl of Winona on the front lines. Schwebach surged into the lead while Kevin Hager charged into side by side racing with Prudoehl for second place. Rick Lisowski and Danny Richards followed in fourth and fifth place while cars flew four wide further back in the field. An early caution sent Richards into a spin and Chanda Fjorden Nord to the rear of the field. Schwebach led the restart followed by Prudoehl, Hager, Shaun Mann, and Lisowski. Mann dropped back while Richards, Hager, and Lisowski vied for third place as they tore three-wide around turn four. Richards and Hager then raced side by side for third when Danny Hanson popped into the top five. Richards grabbed third place behind Schwebach and Prudoehl as Hanson moved into fourth. Schwebach continued his lead as Hanson shot under Prudoehl for second place. With nine of 18 laps down, a second caution reset the field. Schwebach led a very slow pace into the green flag. Hanson and Richards followed closely when Richards made a big move into second, but Hanson just as quickly flew back to challenge the spot. Hanson and Richards in tandem shot around Schwebach to the lead when Dan Bork galloped into third to run three-wide with Richards and Hanson. Mann and Schwebach raced for fourth place as Hager waited in sixth for a spot to open up. Hanson was finally able to give himself a bit of cushion with four laps to go with Bork closing in. At the line, it was Hanson to notch another win followed by Bork, Richards, Mann, and Schwebach.


Erik Kanz hit the lead early in the EngineStore.com USRA B-Mod feature with Ben Anderson right behind. Quickly it became a four-way race for the lead between Kanz, Anderson, Brandon Hare, and Shaun Walski. Two by two, the four raced hard for the lead. Kanz pulled to the solo lead as Anderson fought off Hare. Walski then jumped in to take third place from Hare, and then a caution flew. Kanz, Anderson, Walski, Hare, and Brian Schrage restarted at the front of the pack. Kanz and Anderson again found themselves in a side by side run for the lead while Hare and Walski did the same for third. Anderson was able to take the lead as Kanz got shuffled back. Walski soon found himself in second behind Anderson. Hare, Schrage, and Kanz followed in spots three through five. Troy Langowski was able to crack the fifth spot as the laps wound down. Walski continued to rush through the field and put himself into side by side competition with Anderson with three laps to go. The white flag lap set Walski and Anderson side by side at the line. But Walski got low on Anderson out of turn four where it counted on the last lap to win his first feature at the track this season. Schrage, Hare, and Langowski rounded out the top five.


The Winona Auto Sales WISSOTA Super Stocks ran a flag-to-flag feature with Tim Williamson and Bob Fort in the front row. Fort took the lead early as Gary Wiersgalla, Williamson, and Jeff Brauer ran three wide for second place. Brauer took second ahead of the bunch to get hard on Fort’s tail. Fort kept his composure as the two bolted out of turn four. Wiersgalla then shot by Brauer into second, but it was short lived as Brauer darted right back. Brauer again was able to move in on Fort as the two put some distance on Wiersgalla in third place. Dan Nissalke and Williamson ran side by side for fourth place as the laps dwindled to three. Brauer was on Fort like they were tethered together but could not make the move to the lead. Fort was able to hit the nail on the head as he made a quick stop in victory lane. Wiersgalla, Nissalke, and Brad Johnson completed the top five.


Lance Hofer utilized his pole position in the Rivercity Manufacturing USRA Modified feature to grab a big lead early on. Les Duellman and Kevin Viebrock raced side by side for second place followed by John Doelle and Bob Fort doing the same for fourth. Hofer kept building his lead as Viebrock found he was being hounded by Josh Angst. Hofer appeared to be too strong for anyone to catch and left Viebrock and Angst to fight it out for second. With five laps down, an unwelcomed caution reeled Hofer back in with Viebrock, Angst, Fort, and Duellman in good position to take the lead. Hofer’s lead was short-lived at this point as Angst hummed right on by into the lead. Viebrock and Duellman held third and fourth when Steve Lavasseur popped into the top five. Hofer continued his force on the high side and did not let Angst walk away. Angst and Hofer drummed up a great battle for the lead. The final caution flew when Fort’s machine went up in smoke. Angst was scored the leader ahead of Hofer on the caution and started in the front row solo. Viebrock and Hofer set up in the second row, and on the start, Viebrock got tangled up with other cars and succumbed to damage and pulled to the infield. Duellman was handed third place ahead of Lavasseur when Jay Ihrke broke into fifth place. Duellman and Ihrke closed in on Hofer’s second place spot, but Hofer worked hard to protect it. Angst was able to pull away from the pack for the win. Hofer collected a fabulous second place finish followed by Duellman, Ihrke, and Lavasseur.


Jeff Matejka took top honors over Dave Fruechte, Joe Provinzino, Charlie McNally, and Joe Jasnoch in the Oakridge Fabrication 600 Mini Mod feature.
Mike Krause took top honors over Brock Adamson, Eric Schultz, Brandon Duellman, and Ron Jablonske in the MTS Hornet feature.
Stewartville’s Brady Keefe headed to victory lane in the Redbox+ A Mini Mods after keeping ahead of contenders Alex Williamson, Alex Stevens, Mike Stevens, and Dylan Buckland.
Jackson Hale topped the Redbox+ B Mini Mods over Spencer Ihrke, Matthew Stevens, Keagen Einck, and Devin Williamson.

WISSOTA Street Stocks, WISSOTA Super Stocks, USRA B-Mods, USRA Modifieds, Hornets, A and B Mini Mods, and 600 Mini Mods will all be on hand for another great night of racing August 6 - presented by Blaeser Law. Mini Mod racing begins at 6 p.m. with all other classes starting at 7 p.m.


River City Manufacturing USRA Modifieds

Feature - Josh Angst, Lance Hofer, Les Duellman, Jay Ihrke, Steve Lavasseur, John Doelle, Adam Stockhausen, Andy Bohnstengel, Steve Speltz, Leroy Scharkey, Brian Albrecht, Randy Jonsgaard, Phil Wernert, Kevin Viebrock, Bob Fort, Chris Gilbertson
Heat 1 - Duellman, Angst, Gilbertson, Hofer, Viebrock, Bohnstengel, Albrecht, Jonsgaard
Heat 2 - Ihrke, Doelle, Speltz, Fort, Stockhausen, Lavasseur, Scharkey, Wernert

Winona Auto Sales WISSOTA Super Stocks

Feature - Bob Fort, Jeff Brauer, Gary Wiersgalla, Dan Nissalke, Brad Johnson, Tim Williamson, Jon Duffy, Lucas Plank, Brian Fetting, Kevin Hager, John Quilling, Wayne Bignell, Jay Oricchio, Bruce Lutz, Adam Kerley, Josh Bartel
Heat 1 - Brauer, Wiersgalla, Fort, Williamson, Fetting, Duffy, Hager, Quilling
Heat 2 - Nissalke, Johnson, Bartel, Bignell, Oricchio, Bruce Lutz, Kerley, Plank

The Engine Store.com USRA B Mods

Feature - Shaun Walski, Ben Anderson, Brian Schrage, Brandon Hare, Troy Langowski, Erik Kanz, Parker Hale, Chad Kosidowski, Jake Timm, Tyler Creeley, Barry Johnson, Jack Baehman, Tucker Breitung, Brandon Reutzel
Heat 1 - Langowski, Kanz, Schrage, Hale, Timm, Johnson, Reutzel
Heat 2 - Walski, Anderson, Hare, Creeley, Kosidowski, Baehman, Breitung

Jailhouse Saloon WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature - Danny Hanson, Dan Bork, Danny Richards, Shaun Mann, Nick Schwebach, Kevin Hager, Rick Lisowski, Fred Prudoehl, Ryan Henderson, Cory Hanson, Dave Smith, Lee Hager, Tyler Sass, Lonnie Klonecki, Lee Jonsgaard, Jane Keating, Chanda Fjorden Nord, Richard Weir, Darryll Foegen, Kylan Gamez, Matt Wolfe, Donny Ganz
Heat 1 - D. Hanson, K. Hager, Schwebach, C. Hanson, Henderson, Smith, Weir, Keating
Heat 2 - Richards, Prudoehl, Mann, Sass, Gamez, Klonecki, Jonsgaard
Heat 3 - Bork, Nord, Lisowski, Foegen, L. Hager, Wolfe, Ganz

Oak Ridge Fabrication 600 Mods

Feature - Jeff Matejka, Dave Fruechte, Joe Provinzino, Charlie McNally, Joe Jasnoch, Bill Baures, Bruce Schmitt, Greg Wohletz, Jeridiah Welti, Don Werner, Justin Zmyewski
Heat 1 - Provinzino, Schmitt, Zmyewski, Baures, Werner, McNally
Heat 2 - Matejka, Jasnoch, Fruechte, Welti, Wohletz

MTS Hornets

Feature - Mike Krause, Brock Adamson, Eric Schultz, Brandon Duellman, Ron Jablonske, Bonnie Jablonske, Robert Dyrdal, Fletcher Milene, Dean Grube
Heat - Adamson, Krause, Schultz, R. Jablonske, Grube, Duellman, B. Jablonske, Dyrdal

RedBox+ A Mini Mods

Feature - Brady Keefe, Alex Williamson, Alex Stevens, Mike Stevens, Dylan Buckland, Tanner Remlinger, Nia Gardner
Heat 1 - M. Stevens, Buckland, Remlinger, Williamson, Keefe, A. Stevens, Gardner

RedBox+ B Mini Mods

Feature - Jackson Hale, Spencer Ihrke, Matthew Stevens, Keagen Einck, Devin Williamson
Heat - Hale, Stevens, Williamson, Einck, Ihrke